11. Election of Officers:

The President shall dissolve the EC by 30th of June every election year; new EC members shall be elected in the month of May every election year prior to or during the Annual General Meeting, and their election shall be validated, ratified, and recorded in writing in the Annual General Meeting of that year. The EC shall take over by the 1st of July every election year.

12. Election Procedure:

The EC shall appoint a 3-member Election Commission for the sole purpose of conducting the election of the EC in any election year and shall appoint the Chief  Election Commissioner from among the three members. The EC shall appoint the Election Commission not less than one month and not more than three months prior to the election. The Election Commission members will not be eligible to participate in the election for any EC position, nor shall they directly or indirectly campaign on behalf of any candidate after the list of candidates are announced. The Election Commission members shall cast their votes in favor of any candidate of their choice. The Election Commission shall notify all the voting members of the voting procedure and publish the election procedure on the JEXCA NA Inc. website prior to the election and shall conduct the election as per the published election procedure. The Election Commission’s verdict as regards to the eligibility and election of the EC members shall be deemed final. Any grievance arising from the election shall be automatically referred to the General Meeting for resolution.

13. Nomination Process for election to the Executive Committee:

Any eligible member may seek or nominate another eligible member for an elected position of the Executive Committee by submitting the information electronically or in writing to the Election Commissioner. The information must be received by the Election Commissioner by the due date published by the Election Commission and shall contain the following information for both the Nominee and the Nominator (if different).


  • Name, Cadet No., and Intake No.

  • Position sought, Term

  • Mailing Address, email and contact phone number


  • Name, Cadet No., and Intake No.

  • Mailing address, email and contact phone number

After verifying eligibility (eligible membership list and contacting the candidates) of the candidates, the Election Commission will publish the list of all the eligible candidates to all eligible voters and notify the candidates.