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JEXCA NA was launched in 1988 as the USA Chapter of Jhenidah Cadet Cadets Association (JEXCA) headquartered in Bangladesh. JEXCA NA is a not-for-profit, non-political, volunteer organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) under Section 501 (c)(3). The organization is comprised of alumni of the Jhenidah Cadet College who reside in the USA. The college is one of the prime higher secondary boarding institutions of Bangladesh.

Appeal for Emergency Assistance

Appeal for Fund Raising for 2022 Winter Blanket Distribution Project

Dear Jexcaites of North America:


Salam to you all! Hope this communication finds you and your family well & safe.


Our hearts cry whenever we hear the sufferings of people in our motherland. In addition to suffering from big natural calamities every winter brings immense shivers to many Bangladeshi people, especially those who live in the Northern part of Bangladesh. This winter is no less devastating than the past. As you might have heard, harsh winter is causing unprecedented sufferings to the underprivileged communities there.

As you have asked your EC, we have already put in motion fund collection for the winter blanket distribution. Even though we are little late this time but you would be relieved to know that we have already coordinated with Quasem Foundation, chaired by our respectable Jexcaite Tasvirul Islam Vai (2nd Intake) to disburse some blankets immediately using the fund from our general charitable account that you helped us create last year. We plan to disburse more funds through other partners like JEXCA BD and/or suitable third part charitable Organizations

Every $5 dollars can buy an excellent quality blanket in Bangladesh. Can we challenge ourselves to distribute 1000 blankets or more this winter? I know you are thinking we can do better. Let’s open our wallets and exceed this challenge by January 25, 2022. So, please act on it immediately.

You can donate in multiple ways as listed on our website, and below (in order of preference):

  1. Send your money through Zelle from your bank account to ‘JEXCA NA Inc.’ account using the phone number, 214-796-7851
  2. Paypal (Link)
  3. Visit use the Paypal link there.

2022-2023 JEXCA NA Executive Committee

Congratulations to the New Executive Committee!

Mizan Rahman


Masrur E Elahi

Vice President

Azmal Khan

General Secretary

A F M Ziaul Islam


Shahriar Imtiaj Rahman

Organizing Secretary

Masud Rob Chowdhury

Immediate Past President

2020 Winter Blanket Distribution in Bangladesh

Amphan home Building project by JEXCA NA

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