Donation Request for Javed (22nd)’s Family

$2,000 of $5,000 raised

We are terribly sorry to inform you that one dear brother of 22nd intake Javed left us forever last month leaving a young child and wife behind. His family is very helpless and in need of all of our support.

JEXCA North America is trying to raise funds of $5,000 or more for Javed's family. The raised amount will be sent to Bangladesh and merged with the overall planned fund by Jexca / 22nd intake's fund raising initiative. The final funds will be maintained by 22nd intake members (as per their published plan) for two-three years or more until Javed Vabi is in a position to maintain their well-being. Till that time, a monthly amount will be sent to Vabi for the education of the little boy and maintaining the family.

Any amount from JEXCA North America fraternity will go a long way for the wonderful soul's family whose life was cut short before his time. Even if you are not in a position to contribute, please keep him and his family in your  prayers.

Thank you so much.
Executive Committee

Disclosure: Please note that this donation will not be tax deductible for USA or any other country.


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